Unique coin hoard event shows secrets and similarities

Supporters of the Jersey coin hoard were able to attend a unique event last week aimed at making history more accessible and immediate.

The invitation only event was for special guests of Jersey Heritage and customers of GoldMoney, Supporters of the long term care of the Jersey Coin Hoard. The evening saw guests getting up close and personal with the coin hoard by stepping into the conservation lab to talk to Head Conservator, Neil Mahrer. Guests were treated to further in depth talks on the hoard by Curator of Archaeology, Olga Finch. The evening saw the museum rooms based in the Merchant House being used for a drinks and canapé reception, with the opportunity for networking amid the exhibits within the historic house.

Jersey Hertiage Coin Hoard and GoldMoney

Jeremy Swetenham, Director of Commercial Operations, said this was the first event of its kind: 'We wanted to create a unique thank you for those who have supported us and our work with the coin hoard, and it's through events like this that we are being able to make our Island's history more accessible and immediate. Everyone who makes a donation towards the hoard's care is entitled to a series of benefits which reflect their support. We are delighted that GoldMoney is supporting us by sponsoring this Heritage Heroes fundraising appeal.'

The Le Catillon II hoard was discovered in 2012 and is the world's largest Celtic coin hoard with approximately 70,000 coins within it. Guests at the GoldMoney event were told by Mr Mahrer that several pieces of jewellery and jewellery-making items, such as small pieces of sheet gold, have also been found. It's still not known exactly what the hoard contains and each week new finds are being uncovered. Within the first week of the exhibition a coin that dates to 20 years later than the hoard was first anticipated to have been buried was found and that immediately changed the timing of its burial.

The hoard was discovered by Jersey metal detectorists, Reg Mead and Richard Miles and is on display at Jersey Museum & Art Gallery.

Natasha Le Dain-Cyples of GoldMoney said the feedback from the event was excellent, 'It was a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable evening. Guests were spellbound by the story behind the hoard's discovery and what it might contain. They were also treated to the latest thoughts as to why it was put there in the first place. Mr Mahrer told us the coins were not used as daily currency like we use coins today, but were more for a store of wealth. Gold and precious metals are still being bought and stored for wealth protection today, so although it was three thousand years ago, some things have not changed.'

There will be further events throughout the year for those who donate to the preservation of the coin hoard.

Donations are accepted online at www.jerseyheritage.org

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