Local institutions gather to hear about the market in Gold

The key theme of the recent GoldMoney presentation in St Helier was the preservation of wealth, and the event was titled, 'Is the Bull Market in Gold Over?'

It was a rare opportunity to hear from James Turk, Founder and Chairman of GoldMoney: 'I wanted to share my analysis of what is happening in the global gold market, and explain why I believe gold is still undervalued. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and discuss the markets with both new and existing customers of GoldMoney. Since the recent dip in price, we have seen a big increase in the demand for gold. I highlighted the difference between paper gold, which is comprised of the various derivatives that drove the recent sell-off, and physical gold, where we have been experiencing increased buying because it is a true safe-haven.'

The audience heard how the fall in gold prices this year is on track to mirror what happened in 2008 when the price also fell heavily but within a year was reaching new record highs.

The seminar was aimed at local wealth managers, trustees and institutional administrators and was held at the Royal Yacht Hotel.

For further information about buying gold and precious metals visit: www.goldmoney.com

James Turk founded GoldMoney in 2001 after a career specializing in international banking, finance and investments for nearly three decades.

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