Inside the Gold industry: From mining to trading

GoldMoney is to host a panel discussion with some of the key players in the global gold industry. The event which is being held at the Hotel de France in Jersey, Channel islands, on October 23rd will include representatives of mining, refining and trading companies who will discuss their main challenges and successes.

Panel members will include Dr. Timothy Coughlin, President and CEO of mineral exploration and development company Lydian International; Bernhard Schnellmann, Director of precious metal refiner Argor-Heraeus; and James Turk, Founder and Chairman of GoldMoney.

The event is a rare chance to hear from three significant areas of the gold industry, and it comes at an interesting time in the gold and mining markets. Gold prices slipped back this year after rising more than 380% over the previous ten years. The panel will discuss what the implications are of this, and the growing shift of physical gold from the West to the East.

Andrew McGowan, Head of Business Development, GoldMoney said the event is an exciting opportunity to get an insight into the precious metals industry: 'We are honoured that these experts have agreed to come to Jersey and take part in this discussion. Attendees will be able to hear the latest developments from inside the gold industry and be able to pose questions and network during the event. We are aiming to inform and empower those who are thinking about, or who already include, gold and precious metals as part of their portfolio.'

Lydian International is a mineral exploration company which is currently developing its flagship asset, the Amulsar Gold project in southern Armenia. Dr Coughlin has over 20 years of wide-ranging experience as a mining industry consultant and has held senior positions with major mining companies. He is a specialist in frontier mineral exploration and on mining investment in emerging and transitional environments.

Argor-Heraeus is one of the world's largest processors of precious metals. It plays a strategic role in the production chain, partnering with key players including miners, trading houses, central banks, commercial banks, mints and jewellery companies. It is head-quartered in Switzerland where it was established in 1951. Director of Precious Metals, Bernhard Schnellmann, is responsible for hedging, funding and trading. He started his career in precious metals in 1978 with Credit Suisse before working for UBS for more than 17 years. Whilst with UBS he was in charge of Argor-Heraeus, at the time when the refinery was owned by the bank. He built up the bank's precious metals mining activities and physical business before joining Argor-Heraeus in 2001.

James Turk is the Founder and Chairman of GoldMoney, one of the world's leading providers of physical gold and precious metals. Customers are able to trade and store precious metals online easily and securely, 24 hours a day. James Turk has over 40 years' experience in international banking, finance and founded GoldMoney in 2001.

The event will be moderated by former broadcast journalist Gwyn Garfield-Bennett and is being held between 4pm and 8pm on Wednesday 23rd October at the Hotel de France in Jersey.

A light buffet and drinks will be served, and there will be the opportunity to network after the discussion. The event is free. If you would like to attend please email [email protected] to reserve your place.

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