GoldMoney to co-host offshore seminar with Via Mat

GoldMoney is to host an offshore seminar with the international logistics group, Via Mat, who are a leading provider of secure vault facilities for precious metal. Due to the high security nature of precious metal storage it is rare that a vault manager appears at events like this, and is testament to GoldMoney's increasing profile in precious metals operations.

GoldMoney is one of the world's leading online providers of trading and storage facilities for physical precious metals and uses Via Mat as one of its key non-bank vault partners to store customers' metal.

The seminar, 'How to hold physical precious metals in your portfolio' is to be held in Jersey and will provide practical advice for potential customers and their intermediaries.

The host will be GoldMoney's Head of European Business Development, Martyn White. He said: "I will be delivering our latest assessment of the market which is currently at an interesting stage. Traditionally, September has been a month when gold prices rise, but at the moment the market appears to be holding its breath. After the 273% rise in gold prices in the ten years to the end of June*, we are still experiencing a dichotomy in the market where physical gold remains in short supply. We have certainly not seen any large-scale selling from our customers, indeed there is very much a wait and see approach."

The seminar will discuss why it is important to include gold in a diversified portfolio and the key issues you need to consider when doing so. It will also look at the other areas of precious metals buying, including how GoldMoney works with traders and refiners worldwide.

The seminar is being held in the Grand Suite at the Grand Hotel, Jersey from 8am until 9.30am on Tuesday 24th September. Entry to the seminar is free, please rsvp Hayley Dewar: [email protected]

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