GoldMoney supports local riders - sponsoring the Dressage Championships

GoldMoney is to help support the Jersey Riding Club through the sponsorship of its annual Dressage Championships.

This an important event in the local equestrian calendar, and is a sport which has been brought to the public eye through the Olympic gold successes last year with Channel islander Carl Hester, and in previous years with para-Equestrian dressage rider Simon Laurens.

Sari Cuming the Chairman of Jersey Riding Club says the Championships have never been sponsored before, 'This is going to make a big difference to us. We use UK judges for the event and so there are costs involved with that, plus we have to hire a venue to ensure we have the right surface on which to hold the competition. Being able to underwrite those costs is going to enable us to focus on offering our competitors the right incentives without having to raise entrance fees.'

The Jersey Riding Club GoldMoney Dressage Championships will be taking place in October and spectators are more than welcome. Christina Irgel, General Counsel at GoldMoney said the profile of dressage has risen in recent years with the addition of dressage to music classes and it is now a good spectators' sport, 'The legacy of the exceptionally high quality of dressage performances at last year's Olympics has raised the awareness of dressage and the amount of work that goes in to training a horse. Developing the interest in dressage in the island is important as it is the foundation of other riding disciplines and the training that is undertaken with a horse.'

Riders will be qualifying for the championships through the year and classes are graded according to level of horse and rider. The Championships are open to those riders in the island who are eligible to join the club in the year they attain their 17th birthday.

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