Customer private site enhancements

Geoff-Turk-GoldMoneyHere at GoldMoney we are committed to delivering continuous service improvements. Following customer feedback, we are delighted to reveal an updated design to our private customer login area of the website.

We have designed it with a streamlined customer experience in mind so that our customers will find it easier to navigate. We have created a personal 'Dashboard' which will provide customers with a convenient summary of their Holding. From here, customers can buy and sell metal, view their Holding balance, the vaults in which metal is stored, see their Holding inbox and much more. At any point, customers have access to the 'My Holding Menu', which provides access to other areas of the Holding.

In addition to these visual changes, the customer login area will be fully optimised to be responsive to desktop and mobile devices and bandwidth. This means the page loading speed is faster and the layout will automatically resize and re-flow depending on the customer's device.

It has been a little while since we last updated the look and feel of the private customer login area so we have developed a few helpful video guides to support customers through the buy and sell metal processes. You can find these video guides within the 'Tutorials' area of the customer login website.

As always, we welcome your feedback with the enhancements we have made.

Geoff Turk

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