How to hold physical precious metals in your portfolio

Location: Jersey
Event Start Date: 24 Sep 2013

GoldMoney is hosting a breakfast seminar on ‘How to hold physical precious metals in your portfolio

This free seminar explores:

  • The current market outlook for Gold and Silver
  • How to buy and store precious metals using GoldMoney’s buying process, competitive fees and secure vaults
  • Q&A session with a Via Mat vault manager on how physical precious metals are stored, secured and insured

Head of European Business Development, Martyn White, will host the seminar, which will discuss the latest gold market developments, why it is important to include physical gold and other precious metals in a diversified portfolio and the key issues you need to consider.

Martyn said: "It will be a practical session, we want to give attendees information which will empower them to act should they decide that precious metals are for them. In addition to our latest assessment of the market, the session with the Via Mat manager will be very interesting.

"He will talk about how precious metals are stored, and how the metal is regularly checked and audited for damage or fraud. Via Mat is one of the leading providers in this field and they use the latest technology to keep one step ahead. It will be a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the locked doors of a high security vault.”

The seminar will also look at the other areas of precious metals trading, including how GoldMoney works with traders and refiners worldwide.

It is being held at Grand Jersey from 8am to 9am on Tuesday, 24th September. A light breakfast will be served from 7.45am.

Entry to the seminar is free, please RSVP to Hayley Dewar at [email protected]

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